Arena Mirrors Installation

Arena Mirrors Iinstallation

Arena Mirrors Installation

Our arena mirrors are made in-house to a high specification and we make sure that every part of their journey from manufacture to installation is a smooth as possible, to ensure that the mirrors arrive on-site in one piece ready for installation.

Some of our clients prefer, or are able to install our arena mirrors themselves, others prefer to have them professionally installed by our experienced Arena Mirrors Installation team. Should you want our trained team to fit them for you, in some cases we may need to carry out a site visit to take measurements and to check for access as in most cases a mini-digger will be required to dig the holes for the supports.

Some clients have previously combined a site visit for our arena mirrors with one for our stable installation service. As well as mirrors, we also design and build modular metal-framed stables via our sister site Stables Online.

Installation and Mounting Options

Installing arena mirrors : Arena Mirrors Plus offers a range of DIY and Professionally installed options for our arena mirrors. The type of installation that will suit each customer will depend upon budget, the location and the ground makeup of the proposed mirror siting.

Arena Mirrors Plus will work with each individual client to advise on the best installation method for their requirement and custom design bespoke mounting options where needed.

The strongest and longest lasting option uses our steel posts and frames, but the tantalised wood option is also perfectly adequate in most cases. All our options come with adjustable mounting bracket to enable the mirrors to be set at the perfect angle for your use.

More details on each option:

Steel Posts and Frames (professionally installed or DIY kit Supplied)

  • Our galvanised steel post and frame option gives you maximum strength, longevity and adjustment.
  • The vertical posts and horizontal supports are made from heavy duty 100mm x 50mm steel box sections. These are with bolted or welded together depending upon the specific site.
  • On to these structures are mounted adjustable 50mm x 50mm box frames that are hinged at the top and fully adjustable at the bottom using slotted TABs.
  • Our Mirror Units sit inside a welded channel at the bottom of the frame and securely fixed at the top and bottom using galvanised ‘Z’ steel profiles.

No one offers a stronger or heavier duty solution to mounting the mirrors. We believe in over engineering the solution to give maximum strength and protection against the weather elements! Our metal post and frame option requires installing with a high degree of accuracy and can be fixed either by setting the posts in 750 -900mm deep concrete or by bolting down to a level concrete pad.

Tanalised Wooden Posts (professionally installed or DIY kit Supplied)

  • Our Mirror Units can also be mounted on to wooden posts and frames.
  • Arena Mirrors Plus can either supply the specification of the timber required or provide a kit where the timber is pre-cut and drilled to make installation more straight forward.
  • The main support and bracing posts will need to be set in to concrete (or postcrete) at a recommended depth of 750 – 900mm.

Our Wooden Mounting option uses the following timber sizes:

  • Main Support Posts – 150mm x 50mm / 100mm x 100mm
  • Bracing Timbers – 100mm x 50mm / 100mm x 100mm
  • Horizontal Frame Timbers – 100mm x 50mm / 150mm x 50mm

The bottom of our Mirror Units are supported using a heavy duty galvanised steel ‘Z’ profile and the tops are fastened with our custom designed adjustable channel brackets that allow for the mirror to be tilted forwards or backwards to suit.

Supply of Mirror Units Only

  • Arena Mirrors Plus will also just supply the Mirror Units by themselves. These are available with either fixed or adjustable brackets.

DIY Arena Mirror Installation

All arenas are different and from our experience there is always something unqiue to each install with any outdoor dressage arena mirrors, but if you are considering a diy arena mirror installation by using a contractor, or fitting the mirrors yourself, here are a few handy tips to ensure that they are installed correctly:

DIY Arena Mirror Installation
  • Make your holes for the support posts no less than 2ft deep
  • Ensure that the foot of the mirror is around 120cm from the ground
  • Have a team of 2 or 3 people on-site to help lift and fit the arena mirror(s)
  • Drill a few different holes in the supporting poles to allow for different mirror heights
  • Have the owner on-site so they can advise on what position each mirror should be in
  • Ensure you have the correct equipment and fixings, such as drills, coach-bolts and the like
  • Make sure you use a spirit level to ensure your mirrors are level
  • Add additional support to the back of your mirrors in particularly exposed areas

We woud be happy to discuss your installation and to offer advice over the phone or via email should you need some direction and instruction with your diy arena mirror installation.

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