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Having researched the Arena Mirror market in the U.K. and across Europe, Arena Mirrors Plus has developed a market leading product by using the best elements of existing manufacturers combined with adding our own unique improvements to framing, mounting and safety.

The addition of mirrors to a menage or indoor riding arena will improve your horse skills and bring your horse on tremendously. As well as supplying dressage training mirrors, we offer installation as well, which includes our tilted steel frames which will allow you to position your mirrors in the exact position you require making them the perfect mirrors for training your horse.

The Units

Our Mirror Units are 28mm thick and come in a 2445mm (length) x 1225mm (width).

The framed units are constructed of the following elements:

  • High Quality 6mm Silver Floated Glass with safety backing to EN 12600 2(B)2 – BS 6206B Safety Standards.
    Our mirrors are designed for the best reflection in all weathers.
  • A 15mm foam cushioned layer to give greater impact protection.
  • A galvanised sheet backing to protect the mirror.
  • A galvanised steel frame to encase the unit and provide protection to the mirror edges.

Our Units are designed to be easy to handle and install on to either galvanised steel or wooden support posts and mounting frames.

We recommend our uniquely designed galvanised mounting solution to guarantee the longest possible lifetime for your mirrors and to withstand the external weather elements.

Our mirrors are suitable for outside and inside arenas and our engineering team can design and build mounting solutions for any situation and our mirror units are maintenance free, safe and designed to last. Find out about arena mirrors installation

Why Use Arena Mirrors?

They give you instant feedback about how your horse is performing as you can see it yourself and then make any adjustments accordingly, providing a reliable training aid for you and your horse. Using mirrors can help :

  • Improve rider posture and seat corrections
  • Horse transisitions and movement
  • Communication between horse and rider
  • Improve technique
  • Improve performance


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